TITLE: Direct Care Worker
HOURS: Part-time. Hours vary depending on the needs of the agency.
SALARY: Starting Salary is $10/hr. 
QUALIFICATIONS:  At least 21 years of age, high school diploma or GED, 2 years post-high school job
related experience, familiar with and in agreement with the youth development philosophy of
care, training and/or demonstrated ability to relate to troubled youth.

1. Responsible for the daily care and supervision of residents to which they are
2. Protect resident’s rights.
3. Modeling appropriate behaviors and methods of addressing stessful
4. Crisis management
5. Handle separation anxiety and alleviating the stress of youth in a crisis.
6. Protect the youth from harm.
7. Behavior intervention and teaching of appropriate alternatives.
8. Training the resident in good habits of personal care, hygiene, eating, and
social skills.
9. Handling routine problems arising within the living group.
10. Represent adult leadership to youth in the center and exercise authority in a
mature, firm, consistent, and compassionate manner.
11. Enabling youth to meet his/her daily assignments.
12. Program evaluation of care plan goals and future planning.
13. Participate in the planning of the facilities program and scheduling such
program into the operation of the living group under his/her supervision.
14. Maintain prescribed logs of all important events occurring during shift,
significant information about performances and development of youth in a
group, telephone calls, visitor information, and medical logs.
15. Reporting emergency medical or dental care needs to the administrative staff
in a timely manner
16. Reporting critical incidents to administrative staff in a timely manner.
17. Participate in staff meetings, training sessions, and evaluation of the program.
18. When necessary and appropriate, preparing and serving meals, transporting
youth to appointments, and carrying out other functions.
19. Responsible for the neatness and cleanliness of the facility.
20. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Please email resume to enimmers@comcast.net.