Transitional Living

Transitional Living Program for Homeless Young Adults

The transitional living program provides housing up to 18 months for homeless young adults 17 (emancipated) to 21 years old and their accompanying small children. Youth work to achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency. Services include comprehensive case management, life skills, counseling, food during the initial period, and transportation assistance.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Transitional Living Program, the following apply:

Young adults, who are 17, if emancipated, to 21 years of age and homeless (with or without children) are welcome to apply • Non-offenders • Must possess a willingness to work toward economic stability, emotional stability and self-sufficiency. Be drug & alcohol-free

Application Process

1. Interview by the Transitional Team

2. Determination of homeless status

3. Pass a criminal background check

4. Submit to a drug screen

Program Expectations

Apply for available assistance such as: Medicaid, Food Stamps, FITAP, WIC, Child Support, etc. • Seek and maintain employment. • Work actively towards personal goals. • Contribute to rent and utilities when employment is obtained. • Contribute monthly to a personal savings account. • Continue educational advancement. • Attend various counseling and educational groups offered. • Remain drug and alcohol-free